Dear Thanksgiving, Thank-You

It was Halloween and I was running into Walgreen’s doing some last minute costume shopping. Their selection of costumes was not as impressive as their already fully arranged set of Christmas apparel. Christmas trees, lights, Santa and his red nosed reindeer; you think of anything else holly and jolly, they had it.

I had to stop, not because of Walgreen’s amazing selection of spooky attire, but because I felt like I was missing something. Then it hit me. Isn’t there supposed to be a holiday in between?

What the hell happened to Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving is one of the greatest holidays this country has to offer. In fact, it’s one of the only holidays made for Americans! Founded by our forefathers, it’s a tradition that encompasses all the American greats: a truck-load of food, good conversation and some football

Have we forgotten about poor Thanksgiving? I blame the marketing and advertising companies. I guess turkeys and pilgrims don’t sell as well as good ole’ St. Nick Thanksgiving is lonely, people. Thanksgiving needs some love from the culture that created it. Just a little attention is all the thankful holiday is asking for! If we slowed down just a bit and stopped to realize just how thankful we should all be for our lives, Thanksgiving should take the credit.

I sure was thankful to find out that a holiday got me out of school. I was definitely thankful to cease the stress of 19 hours and enjoy a bit of family time. The food, oh man, the food; that thanks goes without saying.

So how about this: next year, take the effort to get into the Thanksgiving spirit, regardless of the advertisers and their pre-mature Christmas happy flyers. Get yourself Pilgrim’d up, grab an Indian, and be thankful that you live in a country that created a holiday to get you out of school for half a week.

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