Don’t Read: The ‘Sex Education’ Edition

This week in KIN 215, we explored the world of sexually transmitted infections, which are the ailments formally known as STDs. While the presentation was quite informative, my eyes were forcibly averted every few slides due to graphic images of tainted genitalia. And I couldn’t help but think this was the sexual version of Scared Straight. I really wouldn’t have been surprised if mid-class a sex addict would have been introduced to testament his/her struggles and penile/vaginal contamination.

Given the fact that these polluted genitals would be viewed, at least in theory, by every Sam student, I feel there is a conspiracy afoot.

Promiscuity, alcoholism, malnourishment and the development of poor sleeping habits are all staples of the college experience. These are unalienable rights, not privileges, bestowed upon the attendants of institutions of higher education. Half of the real life schooling you’re expected to receive from college lies in the juggling, rationing and compromising those four aspects of life. And if the administration, or curriculum writers have their way, you’re going to be too terrified to experience one of those things.

A picture of a ruined penis/vagina is enough to drive any man/woman into the static state of abstinence, and that’s no good for a complete and well rounded colligate experience.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not suggesting that unprotected sexual intercourse with countless partners is necessary for one’s personal development. But everyone is going to have sex at some point, probably with a number of partners, and the management of the act is necessary for a healthy life. So what I am suggesting is an educational style that’s aim isn’t to scare young adults away from the normal bodily function.

I propose that the curriculum be adjusted to stress the benefits of safe sex, opposed to focusing on gruesome pictures that emphasize the dangers of unprotected sexual activity. For example, tests have proven that chemicals released during sex makes female hair shiny and skin smooth. Or that sex is one of the safest forms of exercise you could possibly engage in.

Using photographic scare tactics is barbaric and insulting to my intelligence. Seriously, we just need the facts. Tell me what it is. Tell me how it’s transmitted. And I’m going to put myself in the position to avoid it, and not because you showed me pictures of spoiled genitals, but because I care about my health.

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