Staff members bid farewell to ‘The Houstonian’ with lessons learned, memories made

When I first joined “The Houstonian” almost three years ago, I did so with the intention of establishing my career as a sports writer and possibly making a few new friends. I had prior knowledge and experience working for high school and college newspapers as a sports writer, but I was a little frightened of blending in with a university that held over 15,000 students. Little did I know that a grand opportunity was waiting for me.

Since this is a thank you letter, I must first send my appreciation to the then current sports editor, Brad Sheffield. Looking for anyway to join the staff, I e-mailed Brad about an opportunity to write for the sports department. He gave me that first chance I was looking for and I eventually took over as sports editor when he graduated.

During my time as sports editor I enjoyed the privilege of covering all of Sam Houston State sports. After a couple semesters of sports editor I had the chance of a lifetime by accepting the editor-in-chief position. I can’t thank Shawn Farrell enough for putting his confidence in me to deliver the news to this university.

The experience, knowledge and advice I have received in my three years at “The Houstonian” cannot be measured by words. I have been taught by the very best, Mr. Michael Blackman. You took a chance on me with the University newspaper and for that I will forever appreciate you. The same goes for the great Patsy Ziegler and Mickey Herskowitz. Thank you for molding me as a writer and lending me advice I am most certain to use in years to come.

My time as Editor-in-Chief has opened my eyes to the never-ending growth of the news industry. I came into this office with strictly a sports mind but now my tunnel vision has been expanded to the world around me. I thought I’d never say it but there ARE more important things than sports. I’m sure my parents will be glad to read that.

More than anything I’m going to miss the ability to create something new and important every Tuesday and Thursday. Deadline days were mostly stressful but seeing the final outcome was very rewarding.

I believe that Rachael Gleason is one of the hardest working people I’ve ever met. She will make this University proud as Editor-in-Chief. It would not surprise me one bit to see “The Houstonian” reach an award-winning level in the next two years. I want to thank my family who has supported me in everything I do, I love you guys. Thanks to the staff as a whole, we’ve shared many good times together and I want to come back and be proud that I was a member of this paper. Thank you to Grandpa Charlie and Joe, I miss you both everyday and I hope I’ve made you proud. Thank you to Courtney and Zach, through all the stressful times we’ve managed to find fun and share times that will last a lifetime. But most importantly I want to thank my girlfriend Kristen, you mean the world to me, and I’m so glad you’re in my life. I couldn’t accomplish any of my goals without your encouragement. I love you!

Well, that’s it. It went by faster than I would have ever imagined. I’m so proud to say I was a member of this school and student newspaper. Until next timeso long folks!

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