Free College, Anyone?

College shouldn’t be a luxury. A real education should be something our country strives to make easily available to people willing and of age. The cost of college is so high now, that there are countless American citizens who will never get the opportunity to go. This is wrong. If college were free, our people would be more knowledgeable of this world and better suited to work in a variety of areas that would be unavailable to them otherwise. Students wouldn’t have to take out enormous loans, and the financial aid department wouldn’t need to exist which would free up money for students to use on living expenses and/or savings and investment options. In every high school in America there are bright, talented people who will be left behind; the price-tag on a college education is just too high. The Einstein of our generation could be stuck waiting tables at Chili’s from graduation to death. Accordingly, their families will have a greater risk of financial trouble and face a lack of stability. Is that really in the best interest of the country? No. Step outside the box for a minute and think about this: If college were free, and anyone who wanted to could attend, that would mean more people would go. If more people went to college, the overall intelligence of this country would drastically increase. It’s a beautiful thing when common sense and logic work together, isn’t it? Our country should want its people to be as smart as they can be. We should help each other hone skills and make progress in the name of America. There are people out there with exceptional minds, and no money. Under current conditions they will never get the chance to explore their true potential, and the country will ultimately lose out. If students/parents didn’t have to pay for college, there is a high probability that students could work much less or even not at all while taking classes. Their grades could go up, they could get more sleep and they would be less stressed out all around. Stress is a huge issue today, and it would be great if we could lighten the load where we can. One of the most stressful things about college is trying to pay for it, and of course, having to deal with the financial aid department. Somehow, America has let this money situation get so out of control that colleges had to establish an entire department dedicated solely to sorting out how students will pay the bill. This is plain crazy. There are so many steps involved, each complete with its own set of problems, and most of the time you’re never really sure you’ve done everything right. To add to the frustration, the rules and procedures involved are so complex that the people who work in financial aid routinely give wrong and/or contradictory instructions. Hello, if the employees can’t figure it out, what are the students supposed to do? Why do we need such a ridiculous circus-like system at all? I say cut it. Cut the whole department. Tuition totals, per student, would be lower and the world would be a better place.I realize that the money needs to come from somewhere. Professors need to be paid, as do the rest of the sraff. The government has a responsibility to the people to promote growth and education. I think it should be their job to come up with payroll and expenses. I am not advocating higher taxes in any way, which would be immensely counter-productive. Although, I am sure that would be plan number one if they ever did have to fund college for the people. What the government needs is to totally re-evaluate the division of funds in all areas. If they were to really look at the resources they have, there is a good chance they would see great benefit to making college free of cost, and they’d find a way to make it work. Aside from all of the good it would do for the college system, a monetary overhaul by the government could mean big improvements in many different areas.If the purpose of higher education really is to educate, then why not give this a try? This will make education available to all of our people, not just those who can afford it. There will always be some things that not everyone can manage to pay for, like Corvettes, three-story houses, or Manolo Blahniks. But smarts isn’t something we can afford to be snotty about. Share the wealth, America.

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