Back wth new sound, mentality

The names of the band members in We Are The Murder may sound familiar to fans. This new band, formerly known as The Shortbus Superheroes, has planned to return to the stage.We Are The Murder is made up of singer and rhythm guitarist Glen Tate, Daniel Wilson on lead guitar, Daniel Pfannstiel on bass and Kevin Chubirka on drums. After six years and two albums, the former Shortbus Superheroes disbanded. Tate decided to pursue a solo project and his fellow bandmates stood behind him. It never occurred to them that would be a pivotal move in their music careers. “We were just going to help him,” Pfannstiel said. “We started liking it again. It felt natural to play with the same guys.”The former bandmates soon reunited and recreated their musical sound. The solo project had turned into a new band. By the time Shortbus Superheroes had played their final show at Lizard’s in the fall, the new band had already written two songs.”As we were developing, we tried a lot of different things,” Pfannstiel said. “We’ve taken all of our strengths and made a more cohesive project. This is a culmination of what we have learned over the past six years,” Pfannstiel said.The name, We Are The Murder, is a reference to the scientific/literary name for a flock of gathering crows. This new imagery is represented by the band’s more modern, darker sound.The band has written and recorded new material, which will most likely be released in the late fall of this year. The concept of the album was based on school shootings.”The story for the CD was written first,” Pfannstiel said. “Each band member has a role [in the writing process] and we stick to it.”We Are The Murder has released their first track on their Myspace music page.”It’s really exciting all over again,” Pfannstiel said. “I’ve been playing with the same people. It’s almost like I’m nervous again about what people will think of our new sound.” Along with We Are The Murder, Falling North and The Last Assault will also be playing in a free concert at Lizard’s on Friday beginning at 9 p.m. For more information on We Are The Murder or to listen to their first track, visit their Web site at

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