Call to arms: Cheer your Bearkats to victory

Hello again Bearkat fans and welcome to another edition of SAMMY SPEAKS! So we had a pretty tough loss in overtime against Lamar last Saturday but that’s where the losing ends. Tonight we have the greatest basketball game all season: “The Battle of the Piney Woods”. SFA just came off a wonderful football season of 0 wins and 11 lossesnice! But their basketball team is a different story. They are number one in the conference right now and I think I smell the winds of change..either that or I need to wash my feet. I bet that’s nothing compared to what a lumberjack smells like. You know when you forget to do your laundry over the weekend, you walk in and you realize it smells like the floor of the Amazon jungle in your room? Yeah, that’s what a Lumberjack smells like and I don’t think we want our Johnson Coliseum smelling like the Amazon. So here is what we doeveryone bring a can of air freshener. That way we can battle the smell so our Bearkat men playing them won’t pass out! Great idea! So I will see you tonight decked out in orange and smelling like fresh linen. Lets pack those seats and cheer our Bearkats on! This is Sammy Bearkat saying keep it Orange and EAT EM’ UP!

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