MVI’s bring fans closer to music

The increase in file sharing over the past decade has caused friction in the music industry. Some artists fight for the right to make a profit while others look to maintain the integrity of music’s freedom. However unethical it may be, it is logically advantageous to “steal” music from file sharing networks. The Warner/Elektra/Atlantic Music Group (WEA) has a concept that is a lucrative middle ground for the industry, and satiating for fans. The Music Video Interactive (MVI) offers more than fans can experience from using file sharing or buying regular albums. It combines the most prominent aspects of artists and conveniently packages them. When you experience an MVI, you’ve purchased an album, DVD and backstage pass in an instant.The MVI exhibits a tri-experience that includes enhanced audio, exclusive visual access, and an interactive artist exploration. The music on an MVI has an upgraded album audio that has a higher quality than normal albums. The 48kHz/24-bit stereo format along with Hi-Resolution and Surround Sound options make an exceptional sound quality. Despite its array of audio efficiency, MVI’s parallel normal albums in their ability to be uploaded to computers and MP3 players. The “all-access pass” video section includes features that provide the entertainment value of DVDs. The MVI features everything from documentaries to “making of” material. The interactive dimension is why the MVI sells itself. This feature allows the user to take their love of music to a more personal level by sharing an interaction with artists that they may never meet. Fans of artists like Gym Class Heroes can make their own remixes with UMYX audio Mixer, ringtones with Urtone and can use the audio as a soundtrack to their own music videos. MVI users have the privilege of staying connected to the artist with an exclusive online interface that enables downloading of new MVI updates as the artist makes changes. Whenever that artist makes an update users receive the notification via e-mail. WEA College Marketing Rep. Tiffany Cochran vouches for the MVI potential and capability of it bringing a more personal experience to the fan.”Listeners should pay mind to MVI because it is a fan’s Utopia,” said Cochran. “It is the best way for the artists to connect with their fans both in audio and visually.”The MVI has already serviced the fans of popular artists like James Blunt, Avenged Sevenfold, Young Joc and Rush. Accessories like song lyrics, screen savers and wallpapers are found on the disc and will be certain to satisfy the most devoted fanatic. It is the new age to music sales and will leave normal compact disks behind like the cassettes before them. For more information on the MVI go to

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