The Chirp Chrip Edition

I hate Matthew McConaughey. And it’s not because he refuses to use deodorant. And not because of his suspiciously intimate relationships with Jake Gyllenhaal and Lance Armstrong. It’s because he seems to be the masculine symbol of chick-flickery.I can’t watch a romantic comedy with a female without having to hear the annoying chirping of envy, which actually begs the question, “Is that actually the origin of the term chick-flick?”They will express something like one or more of the following sentiments. First of all, they might notice how men are not that “romantic” in real life. Secondly, they could point out selflessness of men. People seem to ignore the negativity that came with “old fashioned” romance. Women weren’t seen as equals, which is why men paid and opened doors. These things were mostly done because it was the true belief that they couldn’t be done themselves. That was life. And society didn’t know anything different. But today we live in a world that’s matured and grown to make the playing field level.Women, if you expect “old-fashion” treatment, you should expect it across the board. I’ll promise to pay for everything on a date if you promise to never vote again. And I’ll open every door if you guarantee to make less money than me for doing the same job. Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not a guy who views the objectification of women as acceptable or even tolerable, but I am a guy who’s tired of hearing the romanticizing of “old-fashioned” men. Being treated as an equal on the plane of romanticism is a small price to pay for all the advances that females have made as a gender. I really don’t mind getting the door for you if I get to it first.But I expect the same. And sometimes you’ll have cash on you while all I’ll have on me is my card at the Huntsville movie theater. So I’m going to expect you not to think twice about picking up that tab, being that we both know the Huntsville theater has yet to invest in a debit machine.

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