Friday to jump start ‘Bingo Boogie Night’ series in student center

Program Council is looking to jazz up the game of Bingo with a night filled with prizes and hit music. Starting on Friday PC will offer “Bingo Boogie Night” at 7 p.m. in LSC 320. “Our bingo nights are actually a new event that we’ll be having this semester,” PC Advisor Chuck Collins said.” It’s actually something that we’ll be having a few times each month.”PC plans to hold “Bingo Boogie Night” every other Friday throughout the semester, excluding Spring Break and the Easter holiday. On most nights, it will be held in LSC 320, except on Feb. 27, when it will be held in the LSC ballroom. “It’s a night of Bingo and we do offer prizes throughout the night,” Collins said. “One of our top prizes is an iPod Nano.”Other prizes include a Bingo champ t-shirt, DVDs, board games and CDs. There will be six to 10 games per night.”Each game will be different,” said Onaome Mukoro, who is the social chair for PC and the MC for the bingo games. “There are different patterns like Four Corners. It won’t be just straight lines.”The name comes from the music that will be played before the start of the games and at intermission as an atmosphere boost. “It should be a good time to hang out and make friends,” Collins said.The next Bingo Boogie Night will be Feb. 15. PC is planning to hang a sign in the LSC atrium with future Bingo dates.

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