Globetrotters bring the magic

With their half court shots and between-the-leg passes, the Harlem Globetrotters wowed fans as the team faced off against the Washington Generals Monday night during their at Johnson Coliseum for the “Magic tour”After a back and forth battle, the Globetrotters came out on top with a 67-60 victory, solidifying a winning percentage in the 98 percentile, the highest percentage in professional sports.”The tour is going good, we’re having good crowds everywhere we go and the fans are really appreciating what we do,” Globetrotter Hi-Lite said.Aside from the alli-oops and back-the-back assist, comic relief plays an fundamental part in the Globetrotters performance. At times, players would eat popcorn on the court or take personal items from fans in the audience.”My favorite trick is putting a smile on all the people’s faces every single night,” Hi-Lite said.To put on such a display of athletic performance and still make audiences laugh, teammates say practice is key.”To be a Globetrotter, you’ve got to constantly practice at least two to three hours a day,” Globetrotter Mr. Biz said. “Practicing will get you everywhere. If you want to be as good as Mr. Biz, you’ve got to practice your craft.”Throughout the game, the Globetrotters dunked and dribbled around the Generals and even “pants-ed” one of their opponents.”The Generals have a really good team,” Hi-Lite said. “They’re doing pretty good. A couple of nights, they’ve come close to beating us but with Special K doing his thing, we’ve been able to pull away.”During the game, Special K was escorted off the court after taking a hit to the knee. Against the advice of Globetrotter trainers, Special K hobbled onto the court during the second half to finish off the game.”It was unpredicted,” Hi-Lite said. “We didn’t know he was going to get hurt but he came back. He’s a trooper and he really helped out team.”Though much of the plays would not be legal in a National Basketball Association regulated game, some wonder why the players choose not to go pro.”This is my NBA,” Hi-Lite said. “I get paid for doing what I do and playing basketball is something I love to do. I get to go to different cities and put smiles on all different people’s faces.”

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