Juno it’s awesome

People are craving The Moldy Peaches. It may not sound very appetizing but it’s true. The release of this year’s Indie smash film, Juno, has music lovers craving the folk duo.While The Moldy Peaches appear only once on the film’s soundtrack, their acoustic melodeous song “Anyone Else but You,” has won over iTuners nationwide.Kimya Dawson, half of the New York City based folk duo, monopolizes the album with not only her role in TMP but also in her solo work and side project, Antsy Pants. Dawson’s simple vocals give the album a raw, low-budget, guitar-based feel.Though Dawson’s ditties are peppered throughout the soundtrack, notable artists such as Belle and Sebastian, Buddy Holly, Cat Power, Sonic Youth, The Kinks and The Velvet Underground provide an appropriate musical background for the soundtrack. Belle and Sebastian’s “Expectations” and “Piazza, New York Catcher” break up the tracks of the album while Cat Power’s cover of The Carpenters classic “Sea of Love” brings a sweet touch with soft vocals.My favorite song on the album is Sonic Youth’s cover of The Carpenters “Superstar.” It’s Pink Floyd-esque, psychedelic sound puts a twist on the classic song, making it into a beautifully synthesized cover.However, I could have done without a couple of songs. Some of Dawson’s tunes like “Tree Hugger” and “Loose Lips” are true contributions to the album with catchy choruses and witty lyrics. Others, like the instrumental “My Roller Coaster” and “Sleep” account for a minute and 35 seconds of my life I can never get back. The Antsy Pants song “Vampire” is borderline on frightening. Musically, it sounds like it was written and produced by a couple of junior high kids with a guitar. I would rather teach the Soulja Boy dance to a room of elderly people than listen to that song again.Overall, the album is a good listen. It is a bit monotonous at times but it gives listeners a clean and light sound that any freethinker wearing vintage t-shirts can appreciate.”I don’t see what anyone can see in anything else” but this soundtrack.

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