Students ‘Thinkfast’ at Black History Month event Tuesday night

The LSC Ballroom was filled with laughter, screams and music Tuesday night at the Program Council’s “Thinkfast Game Show” as part of the Black History Month celebration.”It’s important to have events like this so people can get involved and learn a thing or two about African-American culture and history,” Coordinator Angel Hall said.In the end, it was sophomore Quint Morris who correctly answered a question about the movie “Mr. 3000″ to win the $200 grand prize.”I was so nervous up there, but I got lucky and now I’m rich!” Morris said.Teams consisting of two or more players were given a remote to answer questions projected on one of two screens. Contestants competed in four rounds in the event. The first and third rounds consisted of teams answering 20 questions about African-American culture and history. They were rewarded points for the timeliness of their answer. The faster a team correctly answered a question, the more points they received. The need for speed caused contestants to become loud and energetic during the competition.”Things get pretty intense when you get a bunch of college students together competing for money,” Hall said. The second and fourth rounds were individual competitions. The second round was titled “Bootleg American Idol” in which contestants sang a song of their choice with no accompaniment. The fourth round was “Bootleg So You Think You Can Dance” with contestants dancing to music. The audience judged both events.The winners of each round went on to the finals. Each contestant stood at a podium and buzzed in to correctly answer a question within two seconds. Morris was the first to reach 1000 points in the competition, landing him the $200 grand prize. Black History Month 2008 continues with a Soul Food Celebration today at 11 a.m. in the mall area and tomorrow with a presentation of “American Gangster” in the LSC Theatre at 7 p.m.For more information, contact Program Council at 294-1763.

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