Students to express themselves at Poetry Jam

Students came out to hear the spoken word from some talented Bearkats during Program Council’s Semi-Annual Sam Poetry Jam on Wednesday. Approximately 100 students came to the LSC Ballroom to listen to the poetic words. Guest poet and host from New York, Beny Blaq, loosened the crowd up with a couple of jokes and got the night started with some of his own poems from his CD “1st Amendment.” The poetry jam was a one stop on his tour to several colleges. Blaq was well-received by the audience. His jokes prompted laughter and whistles throughout the crowd. “I felt his poetry,” sophomore Ashley Mann said. “He was hot,” added freshman Amber Sheppard. Six artists presented their poems and the audience held up scorecards that were placed on the tables to rate each one. Topics ranged from self-confidence to respect. Among the artists were a few crowd favorites including Ms. V and Phenomenon. The winner, Phenomenon, received a smart pen capable of recording what is written to download to a computer. The poetry slam was an event held in conjunction with Program Council’s tribute to Black History Month. Other events held during the week-long celebration included the Think Fast Game Show, the Soul Food Celebration, the Journey from the Underground Railroad Art Exhibit and a showing of the film “American Gangster.” “We are trying to celebrate what black history is today,” multicultural chair of Program Council, Ashley Poyer, said. “We want to encourage student involvement in black history by providing fun, free and easy to access events.”

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