What don’t women want?

Ah, the month of February. Love is in the air, and Valentine’s Day is on every woman’s mind, or is it? Truth be told, the thought of being with the one you love on this day is great and all, however, I have noticed a rising trend in the art of love and sex. This trend is called a double standard. Why is it that men can sleep with as many women as they want (if they can actually get one) and they are considered “cool among their friends?” But if a woman sleeps with all the men she wants, she is considered a “loose” woman among the community.So ladies, here is the opinion of someone who has learned to enjoy love and everything it has to offer. Forget the double standard. This all started during the beginning of time and just continued to develop. Men expect women to be barefoot in the kitchen with a baby on the hip. Guess what guys: we don’t want that. We want it all! Don’t get me wrong, more power to the women who want to be like that, but that is not for me. In our society, women need to learn to stand up for themselves and fight for what they want in love, sex and life. In our world, women have been trying to improve themselves by taking a stand. Why can’t the man stay at home and raise the kids while the woman brings home the bacon? Would our society have been completely turned upside down if this was the case? Nope, it would just continue to run like it currently does.I am not suggesting that we all get together and burn our bras, but that we as women need to speak up and talk about sex, love or whatever we want. We don’t always have to act innocent. Yes, we are the fairer sex, but use it to your advantage. Be coy, sexy and flirty. Just don’t get up on the bars and start acting like strippers. That is just not attractive.The song “Yeah” by Usher is true; guys do “want a lady in the street and a freak in the bed.” But ladies, don’t we deserve the same thing if not more? Go for what you want and take what you can’t have. Live life like a man would, but more fashionably.

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