Mad Brad: It’s Just Valentine’s Day

Every February, millions of people are faced with one of two situations: Either you have a valentine, or you don’t.The general perception is that people who have valentines are better off than those who don’t, but this ideal and the holiday itself are faulty social constraints. Valentine’s Day is second most insecure holiday and is asinine in its logic. It takes an inherently human quality and turns into a marketing tool that usually becomes clich while alienating those who don’t have a hand to hold. Should we only be thankful for the sacrifices of Martin Luther King on his birthday? No, and we shouldn’t only show love on the 14th.We’re human, and we all want to be wanted, so it’s understandable to feel alone. But something about this day makes it seem that much worst when you don’t have someone. It’s not like you’re less single, the day just makes you feel that way. It’s not as crucial as anyone makes it. If you love someone, they should know it deeper than any bouquet could ever express on a single day. Because of this day, there are people that feel that they aren’t special because they have no one to cuddle with in mid-February. The companies have bred us to be insecure based on the 14th. The truth is, not everyone you see together on Valentine’s Day genuinely cares for each other. There are people who will establish a relationship a month ahead simply so they don’t have to be single on the 14th. If you’ve established a connection with a member of the opposite sex simply to have a valentine, then you are disqualified from truly having a valentine. You are in love with the illusion of necessity. The path of the anti-valentine is seemingly desolate to singles at this time of year. I recall in the past throwing singles parties, and wearing black for an entire week. All of these festivities were outward demonstrations of insecurities that I couldn’t face. Ultimately, you’ve got to love yourself before you can love anyone else, and if you can’t go through V-day without holding someone’s hand, then you might not be ready for a relationship. I’ve found that the best alternative to loneliness is to just share the day with a mutual acquaintance that you are certain to have a good time with. It is a sure way to enjoy the day without making a huge mess of everything. My best Valentine’s Days were ones with a friend named Marikar Magno. I took her to my 8th and 10th grade Valentine’s Day dances and we had the time of our lives. We bought each other cards and stuffed animals, and took our equal love of dancing out on the cafeterias of our schools. Elementary School was amazing. Everyone bought valentine’s cards of their favorite cartoons and gave them out in a most discreet manner. At the end of the day, you left school with a box full of goodies. Why can’t we do that anymore? We should share the love with everyone we meet. You don’t have to take a group of people out on a date but a small valentine can mean a lot for someone who may be going through depression. Go out to Wal-Mart, buy some valentines and share the love.

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