Professor Sower gets up close and personal

At the SAM Center’s latest Up Close and Personal event, junior Edgard Sanchez introduced Dr. Vic Sower to an audience of nine SHSU students and staff members Wednesday. Sower is a management professor whose teaching aids include items like Lego blocks and jelly beans.”When people plan, God laughs,” Sower said, starting his speech on career paths with a quote he enjoys.He advised students to be flexible when planning a career. Sower’s first degree was a Bachelor’s of Science degree in chemistry from Virginia Tech. When he was promoted to a managerial position at the chemical company he worked for, Sower went back to school and earned an MBA in management at Auburn University. His professors at Auburn encouraged him to get a doctorate and become a teacher, and while Sower decided to be a manager, he kept their advice on the back burner. At the time, Sower and his family could live more comfortably on a manager’s salary than on a teacher’s. However, after the kids were grown and Sower had experienced the world of computer electronics, where today’s new hot-ticket item is tomorrow’s obsolete junk, Sower took his professors’ advice.”Money can’t be the love of your life,” he said of his decision. He earned his Ph.D. in production and operations management from the University of North Texas. He quit his high-paying business position and became a teacher. “The interaction with students is the real joy I get from teaching,” he said, attributing the keys to his success to the joy he finds in his work.He spoke personally to friends, colleagues and students from his classes who attended the speech, which was held at noon in Farrington Pit on Feb. 13. The speech was informal and comfortable, as up close and personal as its name indicated, and Sower was happy to answer any questions the audience had.The Up Close and Personal series started in the Fall 2007 semester as a way to maintain a friendly relationship between students and staff.The SAM Center plans to offer two more Up Close and Personal speeches this semester, one in March and one in April. To suggest a faculty or staff member, students can e-mail Dr. Bernice Strauss at

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