News with a twist of humor

There is another addition to the World Wide Web by the name of Soda School. Jamaal Bachelor, an alumnus of SHSU, has teamed up with a few old classmates and a few new faces to create a Web site featuring news with a twist.The Web site features a mixture of news and humor. Among the categories on the site, celebrities, poetry and news attract the readers of our generation. “I wanted [a domain name] that was fun to say and easy to remember,” Jamaal Bachelor, creator of the website said.The second half of the name is brought to life in the design of the Web site. Upon entering the site, visitors are greeted by a design similar to that of a bulletin board.The Web site was a spinoff of “Reloaded,” a publication of 3MG, or Minority Multimedia Groups. The communication organization was popular within the Mass Communication department at SHSU between 2003-2006. Bachelor’s former classmates who have contributed to the Web site includes Rodney Herod, who manages the design of the website; Brad Basker, a weekly columnist; Brandon McDonald, who manages promotions; and countless other contributors.”Around last May, we started laying down the design for the Web site,” Bachelor said.The target audience for the Web site are 18-24 year olds. Soda School’s goal was to keep them informed on what is in the news but still entertain.”I feel like there aren’t any Web sites that can keep their attention,” Bachelor said.Two unique features on the Web site are the so-called “panic buttons.” At the bottom of the home page, two buttons are provided for students or employees to quickly stay out of trouble. By clicking one of the two buttons, a research paper pops up (professor coming?) or a fiscal report document in Excel is brought up (boss coming?). These clever buttons came from Bachelor himself.”I’ve been in classes where I’ve been Web sites I shouldn’t have been without realizing the professor was standing behind my back,” Bachelor said.Soda School offers a wide variety of content. Among the categories featured on the site, poetry, celebrities are health are topics of interest.”I think Soda School is a healhty alternative to the Web,” Basker said. “Jamaal has done a great job pulling everyone together.” The site, which launched on Feb. 4, is still in its early stages. Something new is added to the site each day. “If you haven’t seen the site, check us out,” Bachelor said. “[Soda School] is still growing and we are trying new things. We are open to new ideas.”Visitors to the Web site are encouraged to join the Facebook group and submit feedback or ideas.Visit the Soda School Web site at or email for ideas, feedback and information on how to contribute to the site or become part of the Soda School team.

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