Nomination forms for Sammy Awards due Friday

The 14th annual Sammys award show is just around the corner, and nominations are due in the Student Activities Office, LSC 328, by 5 p.m. Friday.Anyone can nominate a student or organization.”It’s the university’s way to recognize its outstanding student leaders and student organizations,” said Brandon Cooper, the program coordinator for the Department of Student Activities.Nomination forms are available online at Students can also get forms in LSC 328.”If [students] have computer problems, they can contact us and we can get them a form,” Cooper said “We have hard copies in our front office.”The nomination forms are easy to fill out, for the most part.”The nomination process itself is pretty simple,” Cooper said.The top part of the form is general information about the nominee, including the name of the person or organization, a phone number, an e-mail address, and the nominee’s Sam ID number.The next part of the form is a list of the categories of awards. Just put a check next to the correct category. Most of the categories, such as Outstanding First-Year Student Leader, are self-explanatory. A few, however, are not so easy.The McDermett and Creager Memorial Awards are for the senior student who has made the most outstanding contribution to student life at SHSU. The McDermett Memorial Award is named after Velma McDermett, who was Dean of Women from 1958-1969. The Creager Memorial Award is named after Truett Creager, who was Dean of Men from 1947-1963.”Those two awards are presented by the Vice President of Student Services,” Cooper said.There are four Sammy Awards. “The Sammy Awards are usually given to two faculty or staff members and two senior students who have given the most overall contributions to the university as a whole,” Cooper said.The criteria required for each award can be found below the award categories on the nomination form.The third part of the form is a short list of questions about the nominee. Students can drop off completed forms in LSC 328. Forms can also be mailed to SHSU Box 2507 or faxed to 936-294-3652. The award ceremony will be Wed. April 16, 2008 at 6 p.m. in the LSC Ballroom. It should last anywhere from an hour and a half to two hours with entertainment between the awards. The SHSU theater department and the SHSU dance department will entertain, and some other entertainers are tentative at the moment. There are 23 awards total, including ten individual awards, eight organization awards, and five excellence and service awards. One excellence and service award nominee is chosen from each of the five colleges. The excellence and service nominees are nominated by faculty and chosen by the dean of that college. The individual and organization award winners are chosen by a 12 person committee made up of people from the deans’ offices, the President’s office, the provost’s office, the Vice President of Student Services office, and two faculty representatives.If you have any questions about the Sammys, or if you want to nominate someone, contact the Office of Student Activities by phone at (936) 294-3861, or by e-mail at

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