Sam Houston looks to add women’s bowling

After a semester of working to form a new a women’s team, Athletic Director Bobby Williams announced that he plans to present a bid to to the board of regents to add a women’s bowling team to the Bearkat athletic program. Williams said the decision to choose bowling came as a result of looking at potential opponents and the possible travel expenses. “We looked at who we could play and the avaiability of facilities,” Williams said. “We wanted to see which schools were closing. We’re putting the finishing touches on the funding and evaluating where we would play.”While the option of adding a women’s bowling team is still in the works, Williams said he expects to make an official announcement sometime next week.The decision to add a women’s team comes as a result of Title IX sanctions and the Bearkat athletic program’s historical expansion project, which Williams said looks to add two to three new programs within the next ten years. Other potential sports the department considered adding include swimming and a women’s lacrosse team. According to Williams, these sports and others will be considered in future expansion plans.”The decision is not official yet, and there will be more information shortly,” Williams said. “We’re still checking with the NCAA to see what needs to be done and we will make an official annoucement sometime next week.”

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