Students express themselves by wRITE-ing it out

As part of its Drug and Alcohol Awareness Initiative, SHSU held an event called “wRITE of Passage” Wednesday. The purpose of the event was to help students gain perspective on pivotal moments in their lives by expressing them through art. “There are many rites of passage or transitions during the journey between childhood and adulthood,” said Kim Baechtel, ADAI steering committee member. These events can include puberty, driving, prom, graduation etc. “Although these events can be positive and joyful experiences, they can also be painful, negatively affecting the person’s self-image,” Baechtel said. “If alcohol or drugs were involved, the adverse effects can be even greater.”Students were given art supplies and asked to construct visual “storyboards” of pivotal rites of passage in their lives. Afterwards, many shared their experiences with the other participants. Each person discussed the different ways that drugs and alcohol can play a role in these events, and influence people to experience many of them before they are prepared. “Because human beings ‘construct’ their sense of self out of emotions, experiences, thoughts and beliefs, ‘rite of passage’ events can have a dramatic affect on a person’s self concept,” said Mrs. Baechtel. “The art project is effective because it is often easier to express something personal in a non-verbal way.”‘wRite of Passage’ is part of the Six Weeks of Alcohol Awareness Training program, an educational series aiming to increase awareness of alcohol abuse issues among the Bearkat community.

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