Letter to the Editor: About Sam Democrats

The Sam Democrats are idiots. Not idiots as in an insult, but as in the literal definition of the word (look it up).

Walking out of class today I saw a flier posted by the organization stating that 77% of the leaders against abortion are men and that, “It’s your body, your choice.” Obviously this is referring to the issue of pro-choice and women’s rights.

That’s cool. Opinions need to be stated. I have seen theirs. Now here’s mine.

I think this is the goofiest and unintelligent advertisement I have ever seen for Pro-Choice. Much less for an entire democratic organization on campus who are catering for votes right now..which could potentially affect the entire country.

The fact that 77% of the leaders against abortion are men does not phase me. I am a sociology student. Believe it or not, men are still the majority in leadership positions. The fact that the majority of leaders against abortion are men should not be surprising. This is not a very valuable statistic.

The slogan, “It’s your body, your choice,” is a goofy slogan. This little one-liner is to create a sense of action in us. The action to give freedom to the individual woman so she can take responsibility for her actions.

That’s cool advertising…reeks with lack of reasoning.

If the cry is to give women more liberty to take responsibility, then why not take responsibility before the act of abortion? With birth control and condoms, we now have the liberty to have free, pleasure-filled sex with less chances of a child. Pretty much, the act of sex has lost much of its original meaning…and worth.

If you are responsible enough to have sex with a man, you are responsible enough to raise a child. By choosing to take advantage of the freedom to have sex, part of the responsibilities of having sex is to accept the consequences. A child. An STD. Maybe even dirty bed sheets.

Did you know that only 16% of college students who wash their sheets are male? It’s your sheets, your choice.

Look, the point is this flier is ridiculous. It is created to make you passionate about something. Yet it lacks reasoning in every way. If you are going to be Pro-Choice, don’t be Pro-Choice because of 77% male leadership. Definitely don’t advertise it that way if you want people to care, or if you want people to vote.

If it were for this flier alone, I would probably vote for a former pro-wrestler before a democratic candidate. Heck, I might even vote for ole’ Nader.

This is a good reason why Critical Thinking – Philosophy should be a mandatory class in our basic curriculum.

Eh, that’s just my opinion though.

-Daniel Owens


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