Despite delays, Blackboard is up and running

In an effort to boost the efficiency and productivity of Blackboard, SHSU Computer Services organized a scheduled Blackboard downtime from Mar. 10-14 to work on the system’s hardware. However, faculty and students may have been surprised Sunday night when they were still unable to log on.

Blackboard was officially up and running at 2:30 a.m. Monday morning.

“We don’t have a huge systems staff,” a Computer Services Help Desk representative said. “When you’re doing a job that big, [delays] are just something that goes along with it.”

The team spent spring break moving Blackboard from its current two application servers to eight different servers.

“We are doing this in order to provide a more robust infrastructure that can handle the increased usage that Blackboard is experiencing,” Technology Support Coordinator Jacob Spradlin said in the Blackboard Support Blog. “We also do this to provide redundancy. In case one [Blackboard] server goes down, another one or two will be there to take up the slack.”

For more information , contact computer services at 294-1950, visit the Computer Services Web site at or the Blackboard Support blog at

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