Imperfections embraced by two artists

Franchesca Cox and Katherine Page, both art majors, address the issues surrounding the struggle for perfection with an exhibit in the LSC Art Gallery. The exhibit began March 17 and will continue through March 28.

The exhibit, titled, “Symphony of Imperfection,” features a group of sculptures and five pieces from each of the two artists and includes mosaic, oil paintings and collages.

“The show is based on the idea of the human emotions that keep a person struggling toward perfection but never reaching it,” Cox said.

Both artists collaborated their ideas and decided to hold a show together.

“Franchesca approached me last semester about our collaboration. We both know each other’s art and art style,” Page said. “She loves painting on canvas using various methods and I enjoy the 3-D aspect of art.”

Among Pages’ pieces are “Self-Inflicted Circus Clown,” inspired by a Natalie Grant song, which depicts the masking of one’s heartbreak while Christ sees through it. Another piece is a mosaic titled, “Road to Salvation,” an interpretation of life’s hardships which lead to Christ.

“Most of my pieces have to do with the addictions I have struggled with and the vulnerability it all brought forth,” Page said. “I want to express the frustrations of living in such a perfectionist world.”

One of Cox’s pieces titled, “Stand Still,” is a painting split into two canvases.

“[Stand Still] illustrates my natural tendency to react to problems by running when all I really need to do is stand still and trust God,” Cox said.

Each piece in the exhibition covers a wide range of issues that affects the emotions and meanings within it.

“‘Remember My Joy’ is a reminiscence of the joy that childhood endears to life through its vital innocence,” Cox said. “It is split by a dark contrast that symbolizes the things in life that we tend to lose our joy over.”

The exhibit offers a broad spectrum of interpretation of the words and images conjured in anyone’s mind upon hearing the word perfection.

The only perfect thing is Christ,” Page said. “Once I came to that realization, my world became more serene and less chaotic. The peace that the Lord brought forth helped heal me from my addictions and fears.”

A reception will be held on Friday, March 21 at 3:00 p.m.

For more information on the art exhibit, contact Cox at (281) 881-5308.

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