Beat of Steel Band draws crowd

The music of steel drums in the middle of campus caught the attention of many students walking to and from class.

Although the campus is usually quiet near Farrington, a steel drum ensemble was held in the pit by the School of Music.

As the music began, people passing by stopped to check out the event. The high energy music included steel drums, a xylaphone, drumset and conga drums among other instruments.

The music included songs such as “Daylight,” and “Walking in Your Footsteps,” with a finale of “Jump in the Line.”

At the beginning, nearly twenty people sat patiently waiting for the music to begin. After a short delay, the music filled the pit and spilled outwards to attract an audience of nearly 100 people throughout the performance.

“Amber,” a song by the band 311, was an audience favorite. The song was composed for the steel drum ensemble by a former student.

The finale included “Jump in the Line” and upon its conclusion, the audience pleaded for an encore.

With the crowd at a size five times larger than that at the beginning, the performers played the closing song.

The ensemble lured students into Farrington Pit and kept their attention until its conclusion.

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