The Comprehensive Lexical Concordance of Picasso’s Literary Works’

The Department of Foreign Languages is proud to announce that “The Comprehensive Lexical Concordance of Picasso’s Literary Works” by Dr. Enrique Malln has received the Adele Mellen Prize for “outstanding work”.

A book version of the concordance will be published in dictionary form by Edwin Mellen Press in 2009 with the title Pablo Picasso: A Lexical Concordance.

This is the outcome of two years of intense collaborative work with the Computer Science Department at Texas A & M University, Dr. Malln’s former university.

Now that he is on the Sam Houston State University Foreign Languages faculty, the “new” Picasso Project at SHSU will run in parallel with the one currently hosted at TAMU, both of which Dr. Malln maintains. The address for the alternate Picasso Project will be:

Three SHSU students will be using the new Picasso Project as the topic of their Masters theses.

The concordance is currently available on the Picasso Project at

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