Documentary to shed light on gay, lesbian issues

The Stonewall Kats and the Equality Texas Foundation are hosting a free screening of “For the Bible Tells Me So” tonight, a film about how Christian families handle having homosexual children.

“‘For the Bible Tells Me So’ is a documentary film,” said Judie Niskala, a field associate at the Equality Texas Foundation. “It follows five Christian families that have children come out as lesbian or gay.”

The Equality Texas Foundation is an organization that helps to educate the public about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) issues.

“Part of that is taking this movie, ‘For the Bible Tells Me So,’ around the state to allow people to see the movie and discuss the issues afterward,” Niskala said.

According to the film synopsis, one of the Christian families featured is that of former House Majority Leader Richard Gephardt. Other people, including the openly gay Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson, also share their experiences in the film.

The film follows five normal, Christian families and shows how they handle, or fail to handle, having an LGBT child.

“I think it’s an amazingly powerful film,” Niskala said. “Everywhere we’ve shown it, we’ve gotten very strong responses.”

According to Niskala, she met some members of Stonewall Kats when they attended a screening of the film in College Station. They wanted to show the film at SHSU.

“I think everybody should see this film. It’s an amazing opportunity to start a dialogue,” Niskala said. “LGBT people face discrimination every day and I think this film touches one aspect of that discrimination.”

The film is coming to SHSU tonight. It will be shown from 6:30-9:00 p.m. in the Olsen Auditorium in AB4. The film is 99 minutes long with a discussion panel after. Admission is free and seating is first come first serve.

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