Letter to the Editor: Response to debate

I was a Christian for fourteen years. Ultimately, I realized that my religion was a social construction, an invention of society. “Faith” is nothing more than a suspension of logical thought. On the contrary, Christian faith and pagan belief are no different. They are equally wrong. There is no god.

The main reason I am writing is to thank you for calling me simple-minded, and for stooping to “cast [your] pearls” before a swine such as myself. I also want to thank you for letting the student body know exactly what Christianity is about – fear and division. (” Christians should have no fellowship with unbelievers”)

You are self-righteous, self-important and ignorant. I ask that you continue to spread your gospel in such a kind, appealing manner so that the students of SHSU might have an accurate perception of your false spirituality.

Your editorial clearly exemplified an us-versus-them mentality. All I have to say about that is – be careful what you wish for. In a society as intolerant of free-thinking people as ours, resentment lies just beneath the surface. Conflict can be arranged.

In regard to the debate, as one of the students turned away, I am extremely disappointed by the short-sightedness of the involved organizations. Rarely at our school do such interesting opportunities for discourse arise, and it is a shame that so many of us missed out. To reiterate a common sentiment among many of the atheists who were turned away – perhaps next time the generous Christians will give up their seats.

Jared A. GambleJag032@shsu.edu

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