We dare you to take the ‘Challenge’

A collection of teams will compete in The Sam Houston Challenge Part Duex, which will be held this weekend.

The competition includes a grand prize of $750. Teams from across campus have signed up to participate and will enjoy free food, music and activities.

The event, which was held the year before last, is coming back full-force to engage students in fun activities with a chance to win money. Students who participated in the previous event encouraged the Program Council to hold another Sam Houston Challenge.

“We got feedback from our committee and other students that they would enjoy [this event],” Onaome Mukoro said, social chair for Program Council.

Optional games will be held on Friday, April 18, at 5 p.m. in the HKC Gym and include competitions such as an eating contest, dodge ball, an obstacle course and tug-of-war. Teams will choose two of the four contests which each team feel suits best for their members’ abilities and strengths.

The “Sam Races,” a series of relay races, will begin at noon on Saturday, April 19. These races will include a “dizzy” bat run and a clothes swap, among other competitions.

“The Challenge” will include a campus-wide scavenger hunt, which will send teams to 10 locations around the campus. As teams follow the riddles for the hunt, they will visit each location and a judge will be waiting to stamp their cards.

As soon as each team visits each location, they will have to make a dash for Intramural Field 3 to end the competition. The scavenger hunt will be a foot race and cars are prohibited as a use of transportation.

Teams and organizations can still register to participate. A team of 7-10 people is needed to register, along with a list of names and SamIDs. Interested teams can contact Mukoro at onomukoro@shsu.edu.

Teams, which have pre-registered, will receive a t-shirt with a color collectively defining each group. Registered teams include the African Student Association, Talented Tenth, National Association of Black Accountants (NABA) and the Graduate Student Organization of Psychology (GSOP).

“If you sign up [for the Sam Houston Challenge Part Deux], make sure you go all the way,” Mukoro said. “I would encourage everybody to come to this event.”

For more information, contact Onaome Mukoro, social chair for the Program Council, at 294-1763 or by email at onomukoro@shsu.edu.

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