Dan Phillips to discuss ‘Phoenix Commotion’ for Earth Day

To bring a little of the annual Earth Day to Sam Houston, former SHSU dance professor and “trash-to-treasure” wizard Dan Phillips will be giving a speech today, Tuesday, April 22.

The speech will be at Art Building E at 4 p.m.

“We thought what better way on Earth Day than to get somebody local who’s really making waves for the community around us, and that’s Dan Phillips” Sara Massey, president of the SHSU Environmental Organization, said.

Philips is the center of the Phoenix Commotion, a program to help low income families by gathering groups of people to build low-cost housing out of rejected materials. The building materials come from demolished sites, dumpsters, and other miscellaneous sources out of nearby areas like Houston.

“These things can happen with the right mindset. It’s easy with a network — to recycle and help people by using the resources around you,” Massey said.

The event surrounds the grand opening of a sustainable garden, a project that has been in development for two months.

Circle K is also recycling in the mall all week as another effort to promote Earth Day.

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