SHSU celebrates democracy with ADP debate

Sam Houston State University has been celebrating democracy this week in an effort spearheaded by the American Democracy Project. The project includes a suggested curriculum for the faculty, as well as voter registration assistance and information about the presidential candidates. The week-long effort culminated on Wednesday with a public debate and registration booths in the mall area.

The goal of the project is to “engage the students, faculty, and staff of Sam Houston State University in a celebration of democracy as citizens of the United States of America through civic involvement,” said Stefanie Taylor, a public relations spokesperson for the project.

Wednesday’s festivities included a keynote address by Dr. Anthony Harris at 11 AM, followed by a student debate at noon. The debate was held between two representatives each, from the Sam Houston Democrats and Republicans respectively. Representing the campus Democrats were Caleb White and Mark Evatt. The Republicans were represented by Christina Norum and Steven Brown.

The debate covered the differing policy views of the two parties on such controversial topics as the war in Iraq, education, health care, and the economy. The individual candidates were not discussed in length, as the debate centered more on the policies expressed by the two parties committees.

There was no clear winner of the debate.

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