SGA Results Are In

In the opening sentence of John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address, he states, “We observe today not a victory of party, but a celebration of freedom symbolizing an end, as well as a beginning signifying renewal, as well as change.” Kennedy’s quote characterizes my viewpoint on the transition that has undertaken the Student Government Association for the 2008-2009 school year.

Recently, several uninformed colleagues have expressed to me their discontent with the lack of publicizing of the outcome of this year’s SGA Elections. As Vice President Elect and with observance of the purpose of SGA to serve as “the official voice of the student body,” I would like to alleviate my fellow colleagues’ discontent by orienting the student body on the outcome of the 2008 SGA Elections.

Bearkats & Bearkittens, your 2008-2009 Student Government Senate consists of:

Officers:President: Michael Perkins

Vice President: Christopher B. Yancy

Secretary: Amanda K. Carter

Treasurer: Nikki Miller

Senator, College of Arts and SciencesBenjamin PaulMichael Thomas

Senator, College of Criminal JusticeTrey BlantonMarcus StoreyJosh Nelson

Senator, College of Humanities & Social SciencesTravis MillerKristan GreenhouseSamuel RobersonNick Stephens

Senator, College of EducationMatthew RitcheyAmberleigh FicklenShaniqua Randal

Senator, College of Business AdministrationChristopher B. YancyStephen ReynoldsRyan BridgesWilliam Caron

There you have it Bearkat Nation!

We will update the student body of any appointments or open positions at the start of the fall semester. Most importantly, SGA is heavily recruiting, therefore we need YOU to get involved with your SGA. We look forward to serving Sam Houston here at home, at other universities, in the city of Huntsville, and most importantly, in Austin! Please feel free to stop by our office in the Lowman Student Center Room 326 or call us if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

Study strong! Be blessed on final exams and make it a great summer 2008!

-Christopher B. Yancy

SGA Vice President


(936) 496-8819

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