Sam student urges political involvement

Living in America has always allowed us the right to say whatever we want whether others accept it or not. I respect Ingrid Slup’s opinion and her right to express it in The Houstonian, but I would like to respond with information that she may want to consider and of which she may not have been aware.

The Houstonian, run by a small staff, is responsible with the enormous task of providing our students newsworthy, entertaining, athletic, and local town news, as well as editorial opportunities. Twice a week the Houstonian goes to press late in the evening hours of Monday and Wednesday. Many of us have already studied and are in dreamland when the staff is finalizing details for the publishing of the paper we find in the foyers of classroom buildings by 7:00 a.m. on circulation days. Many times the staff is meeting deadlines on article information and layout space issues. Simply put, Bryan Honeycutt is the editor of the Viewpoints Section. As editor he has the responsibility, the right and is entitled to personally contribute, accept or reject articles for publication in his section. Many Sunday nights, I do not agree with Andy Rooney on 60 Minutes, or with Dennis Miller’s rants on Fox News, but I defend their right to be there and express their opinions. Again, he is entitled to his opinion and through his career has earned the right to express it. Simply said, Bryan is working late on press nights so that we will all have a paper twice a week.

In the last few months, Bryan Honeycutt has repeatedly encouraged readers to publish articles of interest and personal opinion. I encourage Ingrid Slurp to send the Houstonian articles of interest for publication in the newspaper. She obviously has viewpoints she feels compelled to share. This is exactly what Bryan is encouraging students to do. The Houstonian and Bryan Honeycutt would appreciate the positive approach and enthusiasm others readers will contribute and new spins on issues of interest.

SAM students, pick up your pens, gather those thoughts, and put your opinions, suggestions, and ideas into an article or letter to the Houstonian. Publishing your ideas is a constructive way to be an active contributor to your university paper. The pen is still mightier than the sword. En Guarde!

-Debby Carpenter

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