Sigma Tau Delta’s Farewell to Arms

On Wednesday, April 16, Sigma Tau Delta, SHSU’s International English Honor Society, held a book sale in the lobby of the Evans Complex. President Jennifer Fox and English Faculty Sponsor, Dr. Tracy Bilsing arranged for the Honor Society to set up tables in the lobby near the elevators so that students had immediate access to the sale as they entered for classes.

Members enthusiastically assisted students in finding and purchasing books throughout the day. Both faculty and students enjoyed the opportunity to add to their personal libraries by purchasing the previously read books of important works.

A large volume of books were generously donated by faculty members, students and friends of the society for the bi-annual sale. Many students eagerly took advantage of the amazing selection and purchased as many as they could carry. Hardback covers sold for $2.00 and paperbacks were $1.00. Also available for purchase were several sets of literary collections, magazines, literary film strips and vinyl records of poetry readings, some included personal readings by the author.

Sigma Tau Delta sponsors a book sale twice a year during the fall and spring semesters as one of their fundraisers. Other activities during the school year are Meet the Professors Luncheon, Literary Trivial Pursuit and Final’s Relief. Last month, English professors and graduate students competed with undergraduate English students in a game where all of the questions pertain to literature, authors, genres and quotes. The game, played at Kaldi’s Coffee and Sandwiches, lasted three hours and came down to the wire with the undergraduate students pulling out the win. On Friday night, Sigma Tau Delta will sponsor their annual Scholarship and Member Induction Ceremony at Magnolia Lakes. Members will attend the annual Scholarship and Induction Ceremony where newly elected officers will be sworn into office, scholarship recipients are awarded and honored, and new honor society members are officially inducted into Sigma Tau Delta.

Rounding out the year will be Final’s Relief, the club’s last activity of the semester. Final’s Relief provides students an area to come by before or after finals to enjoy a snack and rest from the stress of taking tests. The SHSU Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society has enjoyed a busy and productive year and members look forward to resuming their meetings and activities during the upcoming fall semester.

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