You can take it with you

With empty wallets from recent text book purchases, students can look forward to using the new pet project of Dan McDaniel, director of the Lowman Student Center, and Gayle Bullard, reservation coordinator for the LSC.

The pair created a lending library program called “Share a Book” located in the atrium on the third floor in the LSC near the Program Council offices.

The system was established to allow faculty, staff and students to borrow as well as donate their used books.

“What happens a lot of times is students sometimes like to sit down where it’s quiet, and this gives them an opportunity to read,” McDaniel said. “If they take [the books] back to their dorm, that’s all the better.”

The lending library is also a good way of getting rid of old books.

“It’s a place to bring your books once you’re done with them,” Bullard said of the recycling. “Once people have read books, what do they do with them?”

Bullard mentioned history professor Dr. Caroline Crimm as a “gracious, generous donator” who was enthused to donate her books to the program.

The Newton Gresham Library and the Huntsville Public Library also donated 50 books each according to Bullard, along with McDaniel’s 200 count contribution.

Although he doesn’t consider himself a philanthropist, he feels it’s a “way to get people to read.”

Dr. Paul Ruffin, professor of English, poet and short story writer is donating his work to the cause with the Texas Review Publishing Company on the Sam Houston State University campus.

“A lot of these professors are calling on campus saying, ‘We have tons of books,'” Bullard said. She expressed willingness to unload books from people’s trunk if they drove to the LSC.

Would be donators can also drop their books off at the Information Desk on the second floor of the LSC.

“It’s not something to build into a big program, we’re just trying to give students a little more relaxation,” McDaniel said.

He is also working to enhance existing programs as well as initiate others in the LSC.

They have recently added more works from the art department and are booking the art gallery for students to hold exhibitions according to McDaniel.

On a similar note, Dr. Terry Thibodeaux is working with the LSC to setup a book signing for his historical fiction novel about the cajun culture, Catherine’s Cadeau.

McDaniel is also adding upgrades to the Kat Klub to bring in more students and “make it more like a hang out.” He is inviting students to come in and watch TV in a brighter atmosphere said McDaniel.

For more information, call the LSC at (936) 294-4902 or visit

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