Lamar evacuees fortunate system worked

Hurricane Gustav is an unfortunate event, but that is no reason for the people fleeing his path to be treated unfortunately. Thankfully, the evacuated students of Lamar State University in Beaumont have only grateful compliments for their time here on campus at Sam Houston State University. It was an opportunity made possible through the commendable leadership and plans made by Associate Vice President of Student Services, Keith Jenkins, and the well administered colored wristband identification system.

The process is simple. Huntsville ISD is reserved for the general public evacuation. In addition, there are three places on campus that are reserved specifically as shelters for the students of Lamar who have fled due to the warnings of Hurricane Gustav. The hurricane’s projected path was predicted to land near their homes and school in Southeast Texas-only a few miles away from the Louisiana border. The Residence Life, the HKC, and AB 3 are the shelters available for the students from Lamar; however the evacuees must register upon arrival at SHSU.

Once registered, the students are given a colored wristband. Each shelter has its own color. The wristband system is the new way of identifying these evacuees. Once Lamar students had their colored wristband I.D., they are given the same privileges as the students of Sam Houston. This means the freedom to use the HKC pool, and even receive free meals at Belvin Caf.

According to shelter coordinators and members of student activities, the people involved in running the shelters praise the organization of the new wristband program.

A representative from the athletics department stated that the evacuees from the general public during 2005 were hectic, and this time it was easier with the group being specifically students from Lamar. Furthermore, those involved also commented on the significant change in efficiency, organization and the helpfulness of the wristband.

Students from Lamar appreciate the kindness of SHSU, but also appreciate the respectful treatment and freedoms made possible by the wristbands.

As a former evacuee, the sight of a hurricane’s path heading for my hometown is a painful reminder. The idea of cramped space, cots, and rations is enough to create a negative opinion of any place but home. Upon visiting the HKC shelter, and speaking with the evacuees and coordinators, the sight of relieved smiles on our guests from my hometown area is comforting and hopeful. I am proud to be a part of a university that truly cares for those who need care the most. Thank you, Sam Houston State University.

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