Art exhibit patriotic, timely

This week marks seven years since the terrible attacks of the twin towers, which brought the country together in a way never thought possible. Appropriately, the SHSU art gallery has paintings depicting the soldiers who fought for our country. Former Marine Colonel Charles H. Waterhouse began painting portraits of Marines in action after serving in World War II. In fact, Waterhouse is the only Marine awarded with the title of “USMC Artist in Residence.”

The 14 paintings are a representation of the Marines during the American Revolution, beginning in 1799 and finishing in 1835. The paintings are historically accurate and Waterhouse spent 14 hours a day working on them for two years straight to complete the set. All 14 titles provide a date, location and brief description of what event is happening.

In a week where our patriotism should be proudly displayed, the paintings are a great way to exhibit pride for the United States. For those interested in seeing Waterhouse’s artworks, visit the art gallery located across from the bookstore in the LSC. booklet is available for viewing inside with in-depth descriptions of each of the 14 paintings.

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