Mad Brad: Pissin’ the night away

I was sitting in my persuasion class and in between text messages I heard something that intrigued me.

My professor was speaking about how we process things based on how important they are to us, and it made me think about what has been important in my life.

I found that the things that are important to me have vastly changed over the years

I used to wet the bed almost every night, and still had an issue up until I was 13. Whenever I would go to a friend’s house, it was always a toss up to whether or not their moms would have to clean up “pissy” sheets in the morning. I used to think I would never be married because I would pee on my wife. I thought I would need to be admitted to BWA (Bed Wetters Anonymous).

“My name is Brad Basker, and I was addicted to wetting the bed. I’ve been clean for eight years.”

I will be 22 this month, and soiled sheets are nowhere on my list of things that matter.

When I got to college, all I cared about was getting smashed. It’s a phase that many students go through, and is almost expected. Any time you get thousands of people in the same age bracket together, they are bound to find a common ground. We break racial, sexual, religious and language barriers for the sake of beer pong.

I think what has altered what matters to us is maturity. Knowledge and experience have seemingly saved us from the obscurity of the naivety of childhood. Once we’ve lived the realities of heartbreaks, bills, death and sex, we can never return to that purity we once held. Let’s face it. We’re unsavory, and learning made us that way.

If only we could just wake up and the only thing that was important was which detergent we were going to use to wash our sheets. But it can never be the same again. We’re for the most part adults now, and have adult issues. Getting jobs and studying can only remedy our pissy sheets of responsibilities.

However, I like to believe there is hope. There are 24 hours in a day, and I dare not let the majority of them go to trivial things like sleep, class and work. Somewhere in our list of priorities we have to have the importance of recreational activities. Even if it’s just an hour a day, we’ve got to feel that the tasks of our days don’t really matter.

We’ve got to wet our beds, not for the administration or “The Man,” but for ourselves. I implore you to subconsciously relieve yourself in whatever way you see best. Go play soccer, paint a masterpiece, make a pizza pie, I don’t care. Just let it rip.

And don’t let anyone take your special time from you because we all have pissy sheets somewhere in the past’s laundry basket.

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