Office Profile: Correspondence Course Division

The Correspondence Course Division enables any qualified student to take college accredited courses without attending class. The program permits students to work at their own pace, on their own time and wherever they please.

Gail Wright, the Correspondence Course Division coordinator, says the program assists a “wide-range of situations,” from seniors hoping to graduate on schedule, to inmates or military personnel trying to improve their position.

The office operates year-round, so any student in good academic standing can enroll at any time. Each course is equivalent to three credits and has about the same workload as a resident classroom. Entrance for a correspondence course is the same as any other course offered on campus. To enroll, the student must complete an Application for Correspondence Course Enrollment, submit an official, updated hard copy of their transcript, present THEA scores, and pay the registration fee. The total fee per three-hour college credit course is $240, due upon enrollment. The application can be obtained from the Correspondence Course Division office in Room 116 in ABIII or online. Once your application is approved, you will receive the coursework, including lessons which must be completed and mailed in.

There are a few restrictions and limits to be aware of when considering taking courses by correspondence. There is a minimum 60 days and a maximum of 12 months to complete each course and the final exam, which tarts when enrollment is completed and ends.

According to their official website, correspondence courses are not offered at the graduate level and are not considered resident instruction hours.

The Correspondence Course Division allows students to get ahead, catch up or ease their way back into the education world. It offers a wide variety of courses ranging from agriculture to statistics. For more information or questions, visit the Correspondence Course Division website. To access their website, visit, click on “University Fast Links” and scroll down to “Correspondence Course Division”. You may also call Gail Wright, the division coordinator, at (936) 294-3909 or stop by their office.

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