The amazing race (machine)

Do you ever wonder what you would look like as a different race? Everyday this week, the Human Race Machine will be available to students in the Lowman Student Center atrium next to the bookstore.

A student can sit inside of this machine where it will take a picture and show the student what they will look like as a different race. The machine can also show facial diseases or show a man and a woman what their kids would look like.

Ashley McDonough, the program coordinator for the office of Multicultural and International Student Services (MISS), works to bring diversity awareness to SHSU.

“We might think we are all different, but it actually doesn’t take a lot of change to make you or me look like a different race. That’s what this machine is all about,” McDonough said.

There is not a single gene that separates one race from another. Stephanie Middleton, a junior at SHSU, was surprised to find that out.

“I always thought that DNA had something to do with race. This machine can really show students that all humans, regardless of race, are actually very similar,” Middleton said.

Another student, Stacy Morton, plans to use this machine to change her Caucasian appearance to African-American or Asian.

“It’ll be really cool to see what I look like. I think people should do this because it might make them more open-minded and accepting of others,” Morton said.

The office of MISS helped make this machine available in an effort to promote diversity awareness. McDonough hopes students will gain a better acceptance of diversity.

“We really like programs like this, especially in today’s world and with so many international students at SHSU,” McDonough said.

The process only takes a few minutes and is available during LSC hours. The machine was not working Monday, but was expected to be fixed that afternoon.

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