Bowers Road Rage

I don’t know if I’m mad at you or your city council members. For the most part I’m pretty sure it is you.

I may relieve you of some blame because somewhere, somehow someone in charge of fixing our roads thinks it’s a good idea to repave roads and without repainting the lines.

For those of us who have been here a while, it’s old hat to have two lanes each way on Bowers Boulevard while driving up the hill past the Bowers and Dan Sanders Stadiums. I don’t know if its memory loss or the two thousand new freshman, but it seems no one knows what is going on anymore, a disease previously left until the turn onto Sycamore Drive has now spread its infestation.

I for one would like to see my tax dollars going toward a little yellow and white paint, just to keep some order. And now for you, seriously how lazy are you? You are already sitting, traveling at speeds far greater then you could maintain using your own two legs. Stretch those fingers out and flick the little black stick, a little teamwork and we can avoid a lot of unintentional car mergers.

Why does America not have its own Autobahn?

When the average driver cannot cooperate with their fellow motorists by taking the time to indicate a lane change or a turn, how can we expect them to be safe at all, especially when there are no marked lanes to switch between or turn out of? It is no surprise that so many people get into accidents; we can take every chance to be defensive drivers, but we fail at making a proactive attempt to protect ourselves and others on the road. We get on the road and pretend it is a right; I say too many people have their licenses.

Operating a multi-thousand pound machine is not a task to be taken lightly. Get off that cell phone, stop reading that book and to that one woman I saw two years ago, stop shaving your legs! A little proactive step such as a three-inch movement of your index finger to let me know where you are going may prevent that wreck, even if someone forgot an important part of the road when they repaved it.

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