GRE etc.

The SAM Center held its Graduate School Information Meeting last night in the Lowman Student Center, room 307.

Everything from standardized testing and letters of recommendation to the application process was discussed. It was a meeting for students with questions, whether they have only begun to ponder graduate studies, or if you are already filling out the application.

This is the fourth year that the meeting has been held, and is offered twice per semester. Dr. Bernice Strauss was involved in the early planning stages of the meeting.

“We have a talented group of students here at Sam Houston State,” she said.

She found that many students were interested in graduate school, but did not know where to start. The idea for the meeting was to provide a basic outline, a place to get started, and a point in the right direction. Even for students considering graduate studies elsewhere, the topics discussed at the meeting were beneficial.

Adrienne Langelier, a graduate fellow at SHSU, now runs the event. “Sometimes it’s an intimidating subject,” she said.

She wants to demystify that experience for her fellow students. Adrienne provided all the basic information regarding cost, qualifications, workload, and other specifics, and also shared her own personal experience going through the application process. The floor was then opened up to students’ questions. This meeting was only a first step, however. Resources were provided at the meeting, and they were intended as a springboard for the student to get the ball rolling.

“We want everyone to have PhD’s,” said Dr. Strauss. If any missed the meeting, or need information, they can contact either Dr. Strauss or Adrienne at the SAM Center. The date for the second meeting of the semester has yet to be set, but can be found on the SAM Center website in the coming weeks.

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