Plaxico Burress: Is he a friend or a foe?

Plaxico Burress is just another double-handed NFL receiver. On the one hand, he’s full of ability and potential. While on the other hand, he’s full of some other things as well. Burress was suspended without pay last week for not attending a mandatory team meeting.

He claims to have had a family emergency but failed to notify the team in advance. He later informed the team that he had to take his son to school. Coach Tom Coughlin suspended Burress to teach him a lesson in responsibility. It is safe to say that his intensions were null and voided. Since returning to the Giants after their comfortable win over Seattle, Burress has noted that he didn’t lose any sleep over being suspended and felt he made the right decision. He also admits to realizing he let his team down by not being on the field Sunday. What goes on in Burress’ personal life is no one’s business but his own. But I’m sure if he had called the Giants to let them know of his family emergency, there would have been no problems, whether he was telling the truth or not.

“What was I supposed to do, cry?” said Burress. “They told me I was suspended. I didn’t argue. I took it, walked out and left.” Once he opens his mouth and embarrasses himself and his organization, his ethics become questionable. Some would also question whether or not his teammates have a problem with him not losing sleep over letting his team down. The answer shows in the play of the New York Giants and the fact that they are still the best team in football. They’re undefeated heading into Week Six, where they will face the struggling Cleveland Browns. There may not be a need for concern for the Giants since they seem able to maintain with or without their superstar.

As for Plaxico Burress, something still isn’t right with that picture. It’s funny how taking his son to school was the best excuse he could think of, as if there isn’t someone appointed to do that job already.

I figure if you play professional football and can’t find a way for your kid to get to school or at least think of a better story, somewhere there is a problem that not even a six digit paycut could solve.

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