BOLD ideas

Bearkats of all personality types attended the “Birds of A Feather Leadership Luncheon” on October 9 to empower themselves as leaders in the classroom and to prepare themselves for the real world.

The Bearkats Ongoing Leadership Development series, (BOLD) hosted the luncheon.

Eight students participated in the free luncheon, where students took personality tests and watched a video that explained different personality types. Students were then split into groups to discuss other personality types and what they wanted others’ personality types to learn from them.

The luncheon was held at 12:30 p.m. in the LSC room 302. All of the luncheon workshops are free and open to all Bearkats, only requiring that you RSVP. The luncheon is part of a series that focuses on different aspects of leadership, particularly developing students’ leadership skills in conflict situations. BOLD will host two more luncheons as a part of this semester’s series.

BOLD’s mission is to help develop the leadership skills of all students to make capable, well-rounded individuals. The organization focuses on small group interaction for personalized skill assessment and training. It allows students to meet one another, learn and have fun together. The organization brings together students of all majors and interests and gives them an environment to learn from one another.

“In small groups, students have the opportunity to connect and discuss on an intimate level with their personality types,” said program director Kimberly Spradlin.

For more information on the series or to RSVP, contact the Dean of Students’ office at 936.294.1785 or stop by their office in the LSC Suite 215.

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