Freshman fifteen, fight it with fitness

Do you need to lose the freshman fifteen-or twenty or thirty? Luckily, SHSU WellnessWORKS is here to help.

The Lean Kat Club is just one of the new fitness and nutrition programs, which is designed to promote healthy, nutritious eating habits. It will include group meetings, informative lectures, cooking demonstrations and a grocery store tour that will help participants learn to shop in a healthy way.

“Little nutrition changes at a time will add up. Adopting one healthy nutrition habit a month helps. Just cutting out soft drinks will enable you to lose 15 pounds in a year,” Mindy Oden, Assistant Director of Wellness, said.

Another program, BearKat Boot Camp, is a 4-week personal training class with outdoor sessions intended to teach students how to have a fitness regime.

“Fitness and Nutrition is the ‘other education’ a student can get while at college.Developing healthy fitness and nutrition habits now will help a student avoid the pitfalls that his/her parents have fallen into — overweight and disease,” Oden said.

Another outdoor activity is the annual Raven Run 5K, held this Saturday morning, where students, family and friends can run or walk. Oden feels that these activities and programs are perfect for SHSU students.

“With fitness facilities and programs at a student’s disposal, there will never be a better and more convenient time to adopt a healthy lifestyle,” Oden said.

In addition to the many fitness classes offered by Recreational Sports, two kickboxing classes have been created. Fighter Elite Kickboxing will emphasize self defense, while BearKat Boxing is an intense cardio workout.

“Bottom line, any fitness program needs to follow the right type, intensity, duration, and frequency per week to see improvements. It must be challenging yet doable for motivation and time purposes,” Oden said.

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