Voters stuck here: Between a rock and a hard place

Are you voting for McBama? It is not a new meal at McDonald’s, unfortunately. It is the false choice between two fascists that passes for “democracy” in these States United. Did you watch the first debate? If so, you realize that the only differences between the two men are superficial. Do you remember when Jim Lehrer tried to get them to answer the question of whether or not they support the bailout? Neither of them committed, and he pressed them again and again for an answer. When they essentially said “yes,” he asked the next most logical question: which programs will you not fund once you deplete the treasury of over $700 billion? Neither of them could name a single program.

On foreign policy, the similarities are even more pronounced. These men who would be tyrant-in-chief are only in disagreement as to which nation (that has done nothing against us) we should colonize next: Iran or Pakistan? McCain’s fascism is proudly on display in his slogan of “Country First.” I find that too reminiscent of Hitler. Then there was Obama’s sickening hyper-nationalism revealed in his belief that no soldier dies in vain as long as he is serving the commander-in-chief. What about obeying the Constitution? Is the rule of law void? Presidents can mislead the populace and rape the rule of law. Dummy Dubya’s presidency epitomizes this sad fact.

You are being LIED to. These men are frauds. They can’t save us. They are part of the problem. They are part of the problem because they are apostles of an ever-expanding governmental control over our lives. Do you know what caused the crisis that these false messiahs prophesy they can fix? Government did, courtesy of the Federal Reserve.

In the 90s under Greenspan, the central bank (an abomination detested by Thomas Jefferson) pumped easy credit into the economy at below market interest rates. This causes a lot of problems, but two are especially relevant to our situation: inflation, and mal-investment. More credit, without corresponding savings, is not real wealth. This inflation drives the price of living up.

Below-market interest rates make entrepreneurs behave with more risk than normal, and rather than exercising the necessary caution to forecast market changes, they take gambles that do not pay off. This is mal-investment. These new monies were made available in the form of subprime mortgages to people that had no savings to pay back the money. While Wall Street is to blame for some of this, none of this would have been possible had it not been for government intervention in the free market.

And now, McBama has helped force an unconstitutional bailout down our throats because they were paid hundreds of thousands of dollars each to do so via PACs. This is the modern corollary of Nazi Germany’s policy of economic fascism. The state subsidized Porsche and Hitler ordered a new automobile for every family in the Reich and capped the price of the vehicle at a level of his choosing. Of course, this is a total violation of supply and demand. If the cars didn’t sell like they were supposed to, then this central-planning scheme would leave Porsche in the red. But when you nationalize a business, you can always recoup your losses through taxation. Does it sound unfair? It should, and it is our current economic policy as well: socialized losses and privatized gains.

In like manner, we have unconstitutionally nationalized the banking industry by buying a controlling interest in the companies. Rather than letting them be punished for their mal-investment, as the free market demands, we are subsidizing bad behavior and encouraging even more mal-investment which only makes us all poorer in the long run. In the short run we are being taxed – the political class is stealing from us to protect their bread and butter. The cost of living and capital goods (gasoline) will go up more because the dollar will depreciate from all of the new monies. This means more than our professors’ retirement funds becoming worthless; it means the money we have on hand is worth less!

What should government do? They should spend less and tax less. We must end our empire overseas. With the dollar in free fall this will happen sooner or later anyway – we might as well do it now. This means bringing our troops home. We have to cut taxes, and the best place to start is the federal income tax. Anything that weakens the central government is a good policy.

What should you as a voter do? Don’t vote for McBama. If you are sold on the superficial reasons, then may I suggest Cynthia McKinney for you “progressives?” She’s a black woman. That trumps Obama and Palin combined. If you want somebody old and with experience, Ralph Nader is runningagain. Then there’s Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party and Bob Barr of the Libertarian Party, if you (like me) prefer a candidate with a less statist philosophy. All four of these people are infinitely better than McBama when it comes to the Constitution, protection of civil liberties, gutting the Federal Reserve, and ending the imperialism in Iraq. I don’t support everything each of them believes, but they are a red pill in contrast to the agents of the Matrix found in the personas of McCain and Obama.

These two men are like mind-altering substances to a depressed and afflicted people. They are a temporary diversion from the painful reality that exists around us. So choose your substance: John Cocaine, or Maribama.

As for me, I’ll stay sober.

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