Things to not discuss over drinks

As I sat around a crowded table drinking a few cocktails, my friend next to me said this:

“I had a dream the other night that Barack Obama was the anti-Christ. I mean, his middle name is Hussein. How can Americans actually vote for a terrorist Muslim?”

I was stunned-the kind of stunned when you fall off the monkey bars and can’t breathe for a second. With one swift move, I left the table.

There are two things to never talk about while drinking: religion and politics. There is one thing to never talk about period: something of which you know nothing.

I would hope that people like this don’t vote, but it is because of these easily mislead voters that we are in this situation. A situation that includes eight years of blind patriotism, corruption and bankruptcy. It is heart-wrenching that people vote based on emotions, instead of information.

I suppose the system is designed that way. Look at any political ad, any campaign slogan or any politician’s speech. They are all geared toward the misinformed voter via emotional tactics.

In the days of our forefathers there was information instead of deception, political passion instead of empty emotions. I don’t even know how we got to where we are now. Will this ever change?

One is black and one is old. One VP counterpart makes too many gaffs and one is a born-again moose hunter. So what?

Look at the problems of our country and decide what is important to you. Is it abortion, gay rights, immigration, the economy? It does not matter what you think as long as you do just that: think.

Then look at the candidates stance on such issues and decide where you stand. I’m not saying to go rally the voters and have protests on campus. I am simply asking you to be informed.

If you decline my advice, then just keep quiet when politics comes up in conversation because your foolish words might get put in the newspaper.

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