Many teams fighting for titles in all intramural divisions

The defending champions of the men’s intramural flag football showed they were in good form Sunday, beating Ample Talent 47-6.

With the win, On Tap brings its record to 2-0 in league play. However, the defending champions were beaten by the Go Gettas in the “Beat SFA Tournament” by a score of 13-6. Despite this, Captain Vance McDonald says the team is still ready to win.

“Everyone is gunning for us, but we’re confident we can repeat,” McDonald said.

The team brought back seven players from last year’s championship team, and also added several new players.

Other undefeated teams in the men’s orange division include the Go Gettas, Texans, Top Guns, D Boys, All Day, Absolute Zero, Smerfs, and Booger County. Also in full swing are the co-rec and women’s divisions, as well as white-league teams.

The women’s division champion for at least seven years running has been Goin’ Deep, according to Steven Wright, the assistant director of Intramural Sports. Goin’ Deep also remains undefeated in league play, totaling 122 points on offense, and have yet to give up a touchdown in three games.

Good turnout for soccer registration

The registration for 11×11 intramural soccer closed yesterday, and the captain’s meeting was held.

Intramural sports estimates that a total of 35-40 teams signed up for the competition, according to Wright.

Last year’s champions were the All-Stars in the men’s division and Honorable Mention in the co-rec orange division.

For many teams this event could play a crucial roll in the Bearkat Cup race, in which some teams could break away from the pack in total points.

Volleyball playoffs begin

The final games of league play were completed for intramural volleyball on Sunday, and the playoffs are scheduled to begin on Wednesday.

Several teams in the hunt for the Bearkat Cup have made the playoffs and secured high seeds, including the Smerfs, Hug It Out, Mandingo Warriors, TNB, Pink Elephants, and others.

Last year, Hug It Out won the championship in both the orange men’s and co-rec divisions. The team has remained strong, securing the number one seed in the men’s division, and the number two seed in co-rec. However, other strong teams such as Pink Elephants, RAVE and Mandingo Warriors promise to offer strong resistance to Hug It Out’s attempts to repeat.

The women’s orange division defending champion, Big Ballers, has also remained strong, posting a 6-0 record. But the Pink Elephants earned the number one seed, also completing league play undefeated. The two teams seem set for a finals showdown, but they must first win semifinal matches to secure their place in the finals.

Volleyball will the first of the major sports, which offers the most points, to be completed in the race for the Bearkat Cup.

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