Mad Brad: Winter isn’t for lovers

Have you stepped outside lately? Have you seen that the seasons are changing?

The temperature is dropping, and the scarves, beanies and peacoats are coming out of the closets, chests and drawers.

Synonymously this is also the time of year where people tend to make decisions because of loneliness. So right now all across America people are hooking up just because the concept of snuggling with their pillow is too much to bare.

By doing so, they’ll accrue a cuddle buddy.

But when it heats up in the spring, that warmth can’t overshadow that fact that he/she realizes they don’t like the person that provided a winter wonderland. Newly single again, heartbreaks stack up like free pancake nights at the Arbors apartments.

I would be willing to bet that this time of year has one of the highest rates of hook ups and break ups, and it’s only because people “feel” that they have to be with someone.

I always hear people say that there just aren’t any good men/women out there. People say the only type of men they attract are dogs, or that their last four girlfriends cheated on me. I may have received a D in college algebra freshman year, but I’m pretty certain that the common denominator in these situations is the person complaining.

My pastor often says when preaching that “Enemy” sounds a lot like “Inner Me”. I venture to conclude from observation, and my own experiences, that we are our own worst enemy.

Look in the mirror when you get home, and your public enemy No. 1 is looking right at you.

These days we chalk so much up to being young and having time to make reckless mistakes. I looked at a clock today and I’m almost certain time is still moving. We’re not any younger than we were last year and we have to question whether we learned anything since our last winter season.

People wonder why everyone is getting divorced, and whether or not love even exists, and I say that if people wait long enough for the right person they’ll find what they’re looking for. We may say we want to be with the right person, but we are often too negligent to see what needs to be made right in us.

There are people out there who will take advantage of you and there are people who have been hurt when they really cared. But if you’re not learning and setting standards for yourself, then you don’t have the right to complain. I don’t care how old you are. You’ll die if you just live long enough. The excuse of youth gets old quickly.

I sleep really well by myself. I put on my PJ’s update my Facebook status, say my prayers and commence drooling. So until I find someone to pray with and accept my Facebook marriage request, I’ll keep on loving Mad Brad.

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