Local bands shine at “The House of Blues”

The House of Blues in Houston was filled with fans eager to see the headliners of the Law Records Tour take the stage.

Concert openers, Passafire and The Supervillans, had already emitted nostril engulfing aromas that had the crowd’s musical taste buds salivating for the main course.

The steak was placed before them, and all the people wanted was a little “Pepper” to make their meal just right.

The crowd chanted “Pepper! Pepper!”, until the shirtless trio took the stage. The males jumped in mosh pits, the females gazed in adoration and everyone held up the “poon-anny” symbol upon request.

But before the parties and shots of jager the history of Law Records begin with Pepper back in beaches of Hawaii where the founded Law Records in 2003.The name of the label comes from drummer Yesod Williams’ fathers band, The Law.

“I think that what Law Records is about is keeping the feeling positive, and helping fans have the best night of their life,” said Ted Bowne of Passafire.

Since Law records was founded by experienced artists they understand what its’ like to deal with the hassles of major labels. It is an underground uprising that prides itself on giving artists the chance to have the rights to their music, and be able to be themselves.

“We want artists to be artists, and we want artist to get what is do to them,” said Kaleo Wassman of Pepper. “We don’t need anything else. You sale you.”

The most compelling aspect of Law Records is its family oriented view of how to run a record label. They are three bands that share common musical influence, and want to give fans more than their moneys worth at show time.

” We wouldn’t be doing this caliber of touring if it wasn’t for our fans,” said Will Kubley of Passafire.

Purchasing any of their albums is a stroke of genius, but the boys of Law Records cannot be judged solely on their recordings. Their live performances are injected with their individual characters, and puts visual memory to music.

They’re individually a valued progression to the world of reggae music in their own right, without compromising its foundations. United as Law Records, they are the driving force for the next musical revolution.

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