Campus computers in a fix

Many computers parts are retired every year at SHSU, mainly because they are outdated and are incompatible with updated computer systems. The Computer Science Department has found a way to use these extra parts instead of just throwing them away.

Last Monday, the department completed its 4th annual Computer Donation Project by delivering 16 computer systems to Samuel Elementary to create a new computer lab.

The Computer Science Department is a community of faculty, staff and students, centered in the computer science subject area.

“The department is committed to furthering the pursuit of knowledge and meeting the needs of a diverse society,” Li-Jen Shannon, assistant professor in the computer science department, said. “Through working on the donation project, our faculty and students not only had the chance to work together by reviewing the technological development, but also to fulfill the needs from the surrounding school districts.”

This year 21 students participated in rebuilding the computers. The parts that these students use to build the computers must do a little traveling before being assembled. The parts, retired by the department, are then transferred to the Property Department. All the unwanted equipment of SHSU is contracted with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ), so the Computer Science Department faculty must go to the Property Department before the parts are transferred out. Then the assembly begins with the help of students, faculty and staff.

“Every year the Computer Science Department selects one or two public independent school district/s which is/are in need to equip the computer systems in their classrooms or lab,” Shannon said.

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